Can I sign-up with anything other than Facebook?

No you can't. We only allow Facebook sign-up. This is so we can give you a seamless event experience on the web and on mobile.

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I can't find a chat with something I want to talk about, what do I do?

Can't find a chat you're looking for? Rank up to Baker and create your own! You can even add in some of your followers if you think they'd enjoy it. It's easy to get started in just a few taps :)

Create a new chat

How do I edit my profile?

Tap on the icon in the top right of your profile screen that looks like a pencil. You can then edit your name, location, photo or bio.

Icon to edit profile

What's the difference between Apprentices, Bakers and Chefs?

Apprentices are young Wafflers. They've just started to get involved in group chats on all kinds of live events.

Bakers are a bit more experienced. They have the almighty privilege of being able to create their own events #Winning. They're super close to becoming a top chef so give 'em some props.

Chefs are the big dogs of Waffle Land. They have a different kind of power in the app. Not only can they create their own events but they have special superpowers too! We'll release more details soon ;)

Different user levels on Waffle

How do I rank up?

You can rank up by creating, engaging and sharing your favourite chats. The more you do it, the sooner you'll become a top chef!

User level up

What do I do if I want to report or block a user?

Go on the user's profile and press the 'report button' in the top right of the screen. You'll then get the choice to 'block' or 'report' the user for misconduct.

Report a user

How do I report a chat?

If you go into the group info page of the chat, you can click 'report'.

Report a conversation

How do I report a post in a chat?

Swipe left on the content (photo, video or pieces of text) and then tap the 'report' button.

Report a message in a chat

What's the difference between cover photos and avatar photos?

You can choose a cover photo for the background of your chat. If you do, we take a centre crop of it to create your event avatar. You can edit the cover photo and crop of the avatar from the chat's group info page.

The difference between a group cover photo and avatar

What came first the pancake or the waffle?

The Waffle :) If you think the pancake came first email us and let us know why. FYI you are wrong!

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